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Surendra Budhathoki

I build awesome websites. I'M A ROCKSTAR WEB DEVELOPER.

About me

I’m a professional Web Developer and I’ve been building online presences since 2009.

I began my career as an intern in a web agency, where I first learnt the basics of building web applications. Few months later, I became a CSS Ninja and after a few more months I was promoted to Head CSS Ninja. I did nothing but front-end development for a year, until WordPress and then Magento, happened in my life. Once I started learning and growing there was no stopping. I began building responsive websites since 2012 and lately I’ve been mastering the tricks of Parallax and CSS3 animations.

  • 2008

    The Intern

    The year where it all began - I joined Link Plus Offshore as an intern and I pretty much knew immediately what career path I wanted to follow.

  • 2009

    The Fast Learner

    A few months after my internship, I was promoted - my new position required me to lead a small team of front-end developers and check the quality of their codes.

  • 2010

    The Knowledge Hungry Me

    After a year of doing nothing but PSD to HTML conversions, I realised I wanted to learn how to build a complete website and not just the front-end. That’s when I joined LDS, a professional WordPress agency.

  • 2013

    More Promotions

    I spent three years doing front-end, WordPress and Magento before being promoted from Web Developer, to Senior Web Developer, and to Technical Manager.

  • 2014

    Freelancing Stint

    After working for more than three years as a full time employee at one of the busiest web agencies, I decided I needed some rest. I became a freelancer.

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What i do

Front End Development

I started doing front-end development from 2008. I built up a solid foundation in html, css, jQuery and php, later on upgrading to HTML5 and CSS3. I began building responsive websites since 2012 and lately I’ve been making websites using build system such as Gulp, and package manager like Bower.


I love Wordpress- the affair began in 2010. It was the year I joined the ‘community’ and self-taught myself to make minor tweaks and customizations in someone else’s themes. After a few months I was building my own themes and four years later I build websites entirely on WordPress.


I also make online stores using Magento. WordPress is definitely my favorite ‘website CMS’ but for ecommerce stores, I prefer Magento. I am a big fan of WooComerce too, but Magento is more flexible, and its open source, and its very popular (and supported) too!

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